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Grooming room
Dog Grooming Services At Dougie’s Dogs we offer a variety of services in our fully equipped and modern grooming room. Although we groom to City & Guilds guidelines, we are guided by you, the owner, your preferences, and the breed of dog. 
We like to ensure our customers are happy, but the welfare of the dog is most important, and we will always ensure the dog is comfortable and safe whilst being groomed with us. The products we use are natural and will be selected according to your dogs skin and coat condition.
Guide Prices
Bath and Dry
From £20

Bathing, Drying

Ear Clean

Nail clipping if necessary



Just for your new Puppies, this
will help them get use to a professional grooming salon.

To start with, they will be
 washed, dried and trimmed to help them get use to the environment and noises.


Puppy Groom
From £15

All prices are guide prices and are subject to each individual dog’s coat condition, size, temperament.
Additional cost will be applied if the coat or temperament problems are encountered owing to extra time and attention needed.

About  Us

Full Groom
From £30

Bathing, Drying, Clipping or
Scissoring (or both) Ear Clean

 Nail clipping if necessary.

Dog Grooming

Day Care

Instead of clipping or scissoring,

we us a hand stripping
technique (popular for terriers).
This method of grooming is required to maintain correct texture and colour of coat.


Hand Strip
From £40

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